August 06, 2016 – Why the Olympics???

In this world of ever increasing “globalism” why do we even have the Olympics anymore?  In this ever increasingly Communist world of borderless, one world community what purpose does the Olympics serve these days?  Why the Olympics???

I suspect the ONLY reason the Olympics were resurrected from the days of ancient Greece was to measure the success of One Worldism or Globalism.  Why?  As Globalism succeeds Nationalism will fade, at least according to the Communist-Socialists of the world.  If this is true then we should see less and less interest in the Nationalistic support for the Olympics until finally the desire and support for the Olympics fades away into the sameness of the new, Communist borderless world.  

Don’t you think it’s strange that a world which is being driven to globalism and open borders by the elites of the world should support a sports contest based upon Nationalism?  I do.  And I have to wonder why?  Why do they support the continuance of the Olympics?  
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