June 24, 2016 – When Will BREXIT Not Be BREXIT…

It’s phrased in the form of a riddle.  When will BREXIT not be BREXIT???  The answer is right now.

You can already see the sway and dodging of the politicians and world leaders.  They are calling this vote an “advisory” vote.  It has no binding power of law over the politicians at all.  They simply wanted to know how the people felt about staying or leaving the EU.   And now they know.  But they are going to be within their priorities to completely ignore the vote.  And that is what I predict they will do.  They will ignore the vote.

Oh, it will look like they are negotiating the departure.  But have you heard that the “negotiations” could take at least 2 years!!!  Hmmmm…  Why not 5 years then????    Or why not 10 years then or maybe 100 years????  No.  The membership of Great Britain in the European Union Soviet States is SO important to the EU, the globalists and the elites of the world that they cannot let Britain go.  And they won’t.   ALL of the world’s elites have already dictated so.  They demanded that the people vote to remain!  But the people, by a small majority, said NO!  So, politicians will do what they do best today.  They will ignore the will of the people.

Meanwhile, the politicians will begin ramping up legal bonds between Britain and the EU which will over the next 2 years make it virtually IMPOSSIBLE to leave.  When they get this done they will simply shrug and say they can’t leave.  LOL!

You can bet the finest, smartest minds are right now this very minute meeting in secret meetings to brainstorm what will be needed to ensure that Great Britain never leaves the EU even though the people have already spoken.  And they will find a way to subvert the will of the people.  Because it is so crucially important to those One Tenth of One Percenters at the very top of the world pyramid.  They are well into their creation of a single world government and they are NOT about to let any nations go their own way at this point.  Even if that takes the start of World War III.  But if that happens millions if not billions of people will die in almost an instant.  And that’s OK with them.

Just watch.  Years will begin to pass yet Great Britain will still be a member of the European Union.  And so it goes…

The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!  If you survive!!!  The living will envy the dead!!!
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