September 01, 2016 – Less Than 60 Days Left to Decide…

Well done, Mr. Trump!  The diplomatic trip to Mexico was a media coup for you and the young, relatively unknown Mexican president, what’s-his-name.  I thought Vicente Fox was still president as he seems to get all the media hype when he pisses in the Mexican wind about the evils of Donald Trump.  Imagine my surprise when the Mexicans wheeled out this young whipper-snapper to shake Trump’s hand.

The #NeverTrumpers are actually impressed with you, Mr. Trump.  Neo-con Ben Shapiro actually accused you yesterday of “acting” like a “real” politician.  That’s quite an improvement in criticism from the #NeverTrumpers.  And that’s really what bothers me.  I understand the REAL POLITIK of the situation.  But I didn’t really like what I heard in your public pronouncements of that meeting.  Everything you said clearly and lucidly said during the primaries became illusory and diminished.  Your comments about manufacturing almost but not quite out rightly supported American manufacturing moves to Mexico.  If I am correct, you said that a strong Mexico was in the best interests of the United States.  How so, Mr. Trump?  That puts Mexico’s interests ahead of the United States just as it has been since the passage of NAFTA.  And that’s how the neo-cons read between your lines, Mr. Trump.  That’s why all of the globalist Republican RINOs were thrilled with the images out of Mexico.

The words you used in Mexico were brilliantly vague.  They could have come from the mouth of Jeb Bush or his brother or father for that matter.  Those vagaries had North American Union written all over them.  Yes, I am talking about the Bush dream of uniting Mexico and Canada with the United States.  It’s not surprising now because of the number of Bush people running your campaign.  

This is the same path we have been down so many times before that it is becoming predictably boring.  A Republican presidential candidate pretends to be very “conservative” to capture the majority vote in the primaries.  Then that very same candidate slides to the left in the general election in an attempt to curry the favor of all the crazy minorities.  McCain and Romney did the same things.  So it goes.

The only thing you have going for you is that Hillary Clinton is so massively corrupt that it would take a really stupid nation to put her into the most powerful office on the planet.  Yet it seems poised to do so.  The race should not even be close but it is.  And that’s the scariest thought of all with less than 60 days left.

The real battle is way above and beyond the two parties in the United States.  There is a global force comprised of a small group of very powerful people who are determining the direction of the world.  And it is NOT for the betterment of mankind but more likely its destruction.  Many, many people can see it now.  But they occupy almost all of the positions of power and therefore they control the world.  This is truly at stake in less than 60 days.  I hope you see it, Mr. Trump.  I hope you understand the times we are truly living in now.
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