August 10, 2016 – The BRILLIANCE of the Banks’ Destruction…

I am putting a link to an article below.  It describes the “precarious” position Germany’s Deutsche Bank is in right now according to a recent “stress” test.  Read it for yourself and consider it in the light of what I am about to write.

If the governments of the world wanted to seize all of the world’s private banks they could not legally do it.  For a variety of reasons from legal issues to shareholder revolts it would leave a very bad mark in history to say the least.  So, what if the world’s elites, oligarchs and politicos got together and slowly “managed” the legal decline of all the world’s banks as we are actually seeing right now.  The world’s politicians could create laws that would slowly over time force the banks into ever precarious positions.  They could also pass laws that would encourage banks to do the same thing with government financed incentive plans or “rewards”.  They could FORCE the banks into ever greater debt with no way of making up the deficits.  As we see in the article below, the German government is licking its chops to take over Deutsche Bank’s stocks and thereby become the bank itself.  And just like Marxist magic the bank belongs to the government, lock, stock and barrel as they used to say.

Why would they do this?  It is the prime objective of Marxism to seize the means of capital and production.  But they can’t simply seize it.  They need legally created reasons to do it so that the public would not resist.  Or at least the public would not be ABLE to resist because they too would be held at legal consequences for any resistance at all.

And the prime goal?  Global Marxism administrated by a single global government entity.  What will the world look like under a global Marxist government?  Look at Venezuela now or Brazil for that matter or North Korea in the worst case scenario.  But imagine it on a global scale.  That’s the Future of the World my friends, permanent slavery to the state for those who are allowed to survive.  At this point I don’t believe it can be stopped.

There is only one way out.  But the world refuses to acknowledge it.  And there are powerful people in powerful positions to suppress the only answer that is available to the world.   And so the world will suffer the consequences of their follies.  So it is written.  So it shall be.
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August 06, 2016 – Why the Olympics???

In this world of ever increasing “globalism” why do we even have the Olympics anymore?  In this ever increasingly Communist world of borderless, one world community what purpose does the Olympics serve these days?  Why the Olympics???

I suspect the ONLY reason the Olympics were resurrected from the days of ancient Greece was to measure the success of One Worldism or Globalism.  Why?  As Globalism succeeds Nationalism will fade, at least according to the Communist-Socialists of the world.  If this is true then we should see less and less interest in the Nationalistic support for the Olympics until finally the desire and support for the Olympics fades away into the sameness of the new, Communist borderless world.  

Don’t you think it’s strange that a world which is being driven to globalism and open borders by the elites of the world should support a sports contest based upon Nationalism?  I do.  And I have to wonder why?  Why do they support the continuance of the Olympics?  
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