July 30, 2016 – Silently Watching, Hoping and Praying…

For the last month I decided to lay off from any commentary.  I decided that there was not much more I could say.  I thought there was not much more to be said.  I felt that the course of events were going to occur with or without my commentary.  So, I decided to see which way things would go by silently watching, hoping and praying.  I’ve done more praying in the last 3 years than I have in my entire life!

So far it seems as though things are turning out well.  The Cruz-ites lost as did the last of the hangers-on as they defied ridiculous odds to steal the Republican presidential nomination from the one whom We, the People, voted for in the defined primary ballot system.  Trump won hands down and we can all see why, I hope.  Trump is a frank talker.  Trump is such a talker.  Trump is a salesman’s salesman.  Words tumble from his lips in an unbroken stream of consciousness.  Trump leaps from subject to subject yet keeps his listeners enthralled with whatever comes to his mind.  Trump can speak off the cuff for an hour and not lose his listeners.  That is a salesman!  That is a salesman’s salesman.  It is a talent which can be imitated but never learned.  Bill Clinton is another one such salesman but I don’t think even he is as good as Trump. That’s what it takes to be good at sales or politics.

Trump’s light simply out shown the rest of the political field.  And Trump spoke directly to the people without the political doubletalk that all politicians learn to spew to confuse, mislead and trick.

The opposition turned out exactly as I expected.  Hillary Clinton stole the show from Bernie Sanders.  Literally!  But I have no love lost for any of these people or their kind so that’s about all I have to say about them.

The only fly in the Republican stew is Trump’s VP pick, as far as I am concerned.  I feel Mike Pence is a wholly-owned Establishment RINO.  If Trump had picked someone like himself or someone much more conservative then I would not have the concern for Trump that I do right now.  But with Pence being a potential Bushie waiting at Trump’s right elbow for a heartbeat to stop things could get very bad very fast.  I flash back to Ronald Reagan after his win over the entire field in a major landslide which is still cherished by many even today.  Two months after his inauguration, Reagan was gunned down by John Hinckley Jr.  And who was waiting at Reagan’s right hand to take over?  George H.W. Bush, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency!  Coincidence?  You will never convince me that it was.  But Reagan survived the attempt and Bushie had to wait eight years to ascend to his presidency from which he fell in major disgrace!

And now I see the same history repeating itself again.  That’s why I pray.

Do you think it was any coincidence that a federal judge released John Hinckley Jr. just this week?  I don’t.  Maybe the judge and others are hoping that Hinckley repeats himself again?  Maybe the judge will even buy Hinckley a new gun to celebrate his release from the mental ward prison he was in all these years?  Or maybe the Bush family will buy him a brand new Glock and ammo?

Why is it at all important?  Many surveys have indicated that a majority of people think the U.S. is on the “wrong track”.  Yet all of our elected officials keep us there on the wrong track.  And our elected officials go against our will to accelerate the travel down that wrong track.  Can YOU see what’s down there at the end of the line?  Can YOU see the destination they want to take us and the world towards?  Cuba has been there for fifty years.  Venezuela just arrived at the station.  Brazil is following Venezuela into that town called Hell on Earth.  It’s not a coincidence.  This is a long thought out, planned advance down this track by the very elites of power in business, banking and international politics along with the United Nations.  If you don’t go along then you find yourself out like Mohmar Khadafy and Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and the soon to be evicted Assad of Syria.

Donald Trump is apparently an outsider to all of this.  He’s managed to survive and grow his businesses while being an outsider to the global political elites and their secret societies as Newt Gingrich so famously put it.  Trump represents a last, final chance to take the reins from the monsters who are hurtling us down the tracks to global enslavement.  Trump represents our last, best chance to reverse course.  And that is why the globalists must stop Trump at ANY price.  They don’t want any interference with TPP.  They don’t want any interference with NATO.  They don’t want any questions from the outsider.

That’s why I pray every day now.  I know that in the past I have been delinquent on these accounts.  And I know it seems that I am only praying because of the times we are in now.  Maybe so.  But it is times like these when only faith can hold people or a nation together.  That’s why the globalists hate faith SO much!

Know that in the end the globalists will lose.  But between now and then many major conflicts will occur with much loss of life.  Venezuela and Brazil are starting points.  The mooooooslim invasion of Europe is another and the supplanting of the U.S. population with millions of outliers is yet another.  The globalists mean to cause global chaos of the worst kind so they can bring about their New World Order that H.W. Bush, Henry Kissinger and a whole host of others spoke so longingly about.

The world is about to go through many horrific trials.  You and I can do little to affect the outcome by ourselves.  But I advise you to do one thing most seriously.  Save your soul while you still have time to do it.


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