June 26, 2016 – Buh Bye, Sir George Will…

Did you read all about it?  Such exciting, Earth rocking new it is!!!  George Will quit the Republican party!  Wow!  How are they EVER going to get along without George Will?  I just don’t know.

One thing I think you have to come to understand, in my humble opinion, is that George Will holds himself to be American Aristocrat.  He most certainly has all of the bonifides to make such a claim.  He is Ivy League educated.   You can hear it in his voice as he speaks. It’s a wonder he hasn’t knighted himself as Sir George Will in his own columns.   He has had contact with political power elites his entire life.  He has always been in demand for his monstrously well educated opinions.  

Of course, for me, George Will’s departure is NOT a shock.  It’s been apparent for quite some time now that this was brewing within George the Great.  It actually goes all the way back to the awful 2008 presidential election.  Back then, the Senator from the used to be great state of Arizona Juan McCain announced that his presidential running-mate would be the wooly former governor from Alaska named Sarah Palin.  Remember that?  I specifically remember that George Will took GREAT offense at this.  He openly declared in print and on TV that Palin was completely unqualified for any great office of the land.  The implication was that she was not educated the right way (Ivy League), she was not poised well (too boorish) and she simply wasn’t smart enough for the job of president should it fall to her.  If I remember correctly, and I think I do, George Will actually threw his support to the Democrat side of the aisle during that election simply because of Sarah Palin’s presence on the Republican ticket.  I was shocked and angered at that and I decided not to read George Will’s columns nor books ever again after that.  Will was not the only “conservative” to feel the same way but this is about Will and not the others.

Now George Will is fit to be tied that We, the People, haven’t been tricked, goaded, bribed or beguiled into voting for George Will’s preferred nominee for the Republican party in the 2016 presidential election.  Aristocrat George Will is repulsed by the nomination of a man who has no track record in politics.  Sir George Will is outraged in his subdued Ivy League, aristocratic manner that We, the People, would choose someone of such a low statue as a business man with no political education and background to lead the greatest nation on Earth.   Sir George Will sees Donald Trump in the same aristocratic light that he viewed Sarah Palin those many years ago.  It angers Will that We, the people, are entrusted with the right to vote for whomever We choose.  And We chose Trump.

And there is probably so much more to this than meets the public eye that we may never truly know about.  After all, I have been told that it really is all about secret societies, who is in and who is not, who are the true elites and who are just pretend elites.  And that I suspect is the part of the iceberg we will never see.  But they obviously can’t keep all of it hidden.  Can they?

But most of all, I suspect that Sir George is just upset that the voters of the Republican party are beginning to think for themselves.  They see how the last 60 years have gone and it has gone for the worse no matter which party is in power.  Both parties and their candidates have taken the nation in only one direction and that is cultural destruction engineered and eagerly supported by both parties.  So the voters are no longer buying the lies and half truths that Sir George and the elites are selling anymore.   The voters wanted someone from outside the crew of professional liars and deceivers to break their monopoly on power.  And this is Sir George’s real frustration.  If only they could take away people’s right to vote.  Who knows?  That may very well be next after they take away our guns!!!

But for now it’s buh bye to Sir George Will.   Take the rest of your aristocrats with you when you go.  Please!!!  And keep meeting in secret with the Democrats.  It only builds our confidence in you and people like you.
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