June 17, 2016 – The Irrational Stupidity of Our Government is Staggering…

The headlines of the L.A. Times screams that the government plans even tighter security following the murderous attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.  Huh?  Yes, that’s right!

The genius leaders in our government seem to think that increasing security at airports, sporting events and concerts will keep monstrous Muslim men from attacking gay nightclubs again.  Very strange thinking indeed.  This must also mean by inference that security at airports were not tight enough since a gay nightclub was attacked by a Muslim terrorist.  Get it yet?  Neither do I.  Yet that is what the LA Times is telling us.  Read it at the link below.

The article wanders through a meandering journey of different security sites and concerns.  None of them are related to the Orlando shooting yet it tries very earnestly to link them all to the Orlando shooting.  The article tries to link other Muslim shootings in the United States to the Muslim shootings in France and Belgium and then implies that tighter airport security will fix the problems.

The article also states that Homeland Security is “worried” about home grown extremists.  But they didn’t seem to be too worried about the Muslim guy who shot up all those gays in Orlando.  They didn’t seem to be too worried about the Muslim guy who shot up his company in San Bernardino.  And they didn’t seem to be worried about the Muslim brothers who blew people up at the Boston Marathon, just to mention a few of Homeland Security’s most spectacular FAILURES to date!!!

It’s almost inconceivable that security could get tighter at any airport unless they actually reduce it to strip searching and anal cavity searching for each and every passenger.  Still that doesn’t tell us how it will stop the next attack on a gay nightclub by a Muslim terrorist or how it will stop an attack on an American mall by many Muslim terrorists.  Does it?

Homeland Security continues to fail on almost every effort!  Well done!!!

Stupid people doing stupid things or as Forrest Gump said in the movie of the same name, “Stupid is as stupid does.”   Unless it’s really all part of a hidden plan.  Then maybe it’s not stupidity after all.
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