June 16, 2016 – The Inexplicable Death of Jo Cox at an Explicably Convenient Time…

Seems like guns are in the news now on daily occurrence.  Have you noticed it?

They say that timing is everything.  This time the bad news is that a British Member of Parliament (MP) by the name of Jo Cox was shot by a man in a land where guns are absolutely banned!  How did THIS happen?  Very strange indeed to say the least!  Just like the mooooslims who had guns in France!

Jo Cox was apparently a strident opponent of Great Britain unburdening itself of its slavery to the European Union.  And according to the meager reports online, the fellow who shot Jo Cox is alleged to have exclaimed, “Britain first!” as he shot her.  So the story is told.  What a strange coincidence that a Brexit supporter should take it upon himself to take such a violent act against an MP at this particular time when it most certainly looks like Brexit will win in the June 23 vote.  Very strange indeed!  Almost irrationally strange!!!

Clearly, this is going to have a deleterious effect on Brexit.  The first thing both the Brexit and Stay campaigns did on reporting of the MP’s shooting was to suspend their campaigns.  So the assassination had an immediate effect on the crucial Brexit vote.  Was it simply coincidence?  Remarkable if it was.  Now we can expect that the Stay campaigners will absolutely trash the Brexiters in the last eight days before the crucial vote.  Monsters they will be called.  They will be shamed by the death of the MP into staying in the EU.  Coincidence?  Probably not.

Brexit should be reinforced and bolstered at this time.  Brexit must stay the course and win on June 23 regardless of what happens between now and then.  But watch carefully as the death of Jo Cox sways the vote in the Stay direction.  It will be a double tragedy for Great Britain.  Most importantly, Great Britain will lose its only opportunity for freedom from slavery.  What’s the death of one MP if it keeps Great Britain in the European Union?  Sounds like something Joseph Stalin might say.

Don’t forget that The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!  Bill Gates is all in for it!!!  He said so himself!!!  And if he is all in for it then the other One Percenters must also be all in for it!  But they will be sitting at the top of the pyramid and the rest of the pyramid will be sitting on the rest of US!
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