June 13, 2016 – Once You See the Light You Cannot Be Deceived Again…

I told you.  I told you in the previous blog I posted just today.

Now the ACLU comes out and blames “right wing Christians” for the murderous attack by a moooooslim on gays in Orlando, Florida.  See how they work?  See how perverted those at the ACLU are?  It’s easy to see once you understand the enemy.  It’s easy to predict once you understand the real enemy.  They are all around us.  They smile at us.  They laugh at or with us.  They pretend to be friends in the political order.  Until they don’t need us anymore.  Just how stupid do they think we are?  Obviously, pretty stupid.  

But you have to understand that the ACLU is actually talking to a very small target audience who believes virtually EVERYTHING that comes out of that organization.  So, the heads are bobbing up and down already.  The ACLU followers are taking the lead from the ACLU.  You can expect this story to metastasize like the cancer that it is as news organizations report this as FACTS and not opinions.  Expect all the cable channels and especially the three major television networks to adopt the perversity that is the ACLU.

You see!  It’s a deviously clever diabolical disorientation.  It’s a manner of sweetly lying into the ears of the population in ways that make them believe the lies are the truth and the truth is the lie.  It is so deviously diabolical as it spreads across the American media spectrum.  You really have to be amazed that it works so well.

Expect the mooooslim Obama administration to fully ramp up an all out attack on the Bill of Rights over the next six months.  This crisis is just too good to let it go to waste.  And they are going to make the most of it.  If they succeed we will ALL have to turn in all of our weapons so we will be put at the mercy of the drug cartels, the American prison populations, the American government and the fascism to follow.  It’s almost here, folks.  Can you see it yet?  Can you feel it yet?  America is ALMOST conquered.  America is almost FINISHED.  And HELL is to FOLLOW!!!

The Future of the World will be Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!
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