May 31, 2016 – Shoot That Gorilla…

Nothing encapsulates the insanity encroaching upon the human race as much as the killing of a zoo gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo to protect and save a four year old child who fell into the gorilla’s exhibit space.  The latest alleged “news” is that insane French Revolutionary type prosecutors are going to charge the parents and the zoo with all sorts of criminal charges for the incident.  They are “probably” doing this because they can’t charge anyone with the “murder” of the gorilla.  At least not yet they can’t.

So, the looney left perceive that the child was never in any danger.  They are screaming “Gorilla Lives Matter!”  In fact they allege that the gorilla was trying to protect the child even as it grabbed the child and dragged it by the arm underwater for scores of yards at breakneck speed.  The loony left apparently believed that the zoo keepers could open negotiations with the gorilla for the safe return of the boy.  Maybe they could have traded a plate of bananas for the boy?

Once again man’s inhumanity to man exhibits itself.  The looney left trends to protect the ignorant, vicious wild animal over the safety of the innocent four year old baby.  Their stories would be much different today if the gorilla had bashed the baby upon the ground several times just to find out what would happen.  But again, the blame would be on others and not the wild animal who is always innocent.

The zoo took the correct action.  Of this there is no doubt.  There would have been no negotiating the safe return of the child with the wild gorilla.  Every second the child was in the possession of the gorilla was a mortal threat to the child.  The longer the scenario dragged out the increasing probability that the child would be seriously hurt or killed by the four hundred pound gorilla.

But the zoo should review the accessibility of all its exhibits by the visiting public and ensure that steps are taken to further curtail any possible access.  Clearly, if a four year old child could find its way into a gorilla exhibit then one must question the efforts to prevent public access to them.  Either that or there should be a protective demilitarized zone between the exhibited animals and anyone who might successfully accidently enter the exhibit.  

It’s all part of the diabolical disorientation of the human race.  It’s about hypnotizing or coercing the human race to accept evil as good and good as evil.  It’s about dehumanizing humans and humanizing animals.  It’s about a world turned upside down.  And many would ask “What’s wrong with that?”
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