May 24, 2016 – Heroes with Clay Feet…

Don’t worry!  Be happy!

He probably thought he would get away with it.

So, Bill Cosby was told that he will have to stand trial for sexual assault and rape.  A judge determined that there was probable cause to the charges and that Cosby should go to trial on the charges.

Now Bill Cosby will have his day in court.  What is he worried about?  If the women are lying then the evidence or lack thereof will save the day!  Right?  Cosby will stand before a jury of his peers and appeal his case to them.  Don’t worry.  He didn’t do anything.  Right?  The defense says that there is no evidence.  So what’s to worry about.  They all just made the stories up.  Right?  It’s his word against her word.  Right?  

But here’s the really strange part of this story.  The defense plans to prove that the sex that occurred between Cosby and his accuser was consensual.  And here’s the thing.  Cosby’s accuser is gay according to the story below.  She was allegedly in a relationship with another woman at the time Cosby is accused of drugging her for sex.  So, do you believe her or do you believe him?  Guilty or not guilty.  Did he do it or did he not do it?  Did something happen or did it not?

The story says that Cosby faces 10 years in jail and $25,000 fine.  I’ll bet the fine is nothing for Cosby to pay off.  And I doubt the court will sentence an entertainer like Cosby to 10 years in jail.  Cosby is 78 years old right now.  That would make him 88 or 89 by the time he was released.  Although good behavior counts favorably for sentence reduction.

All heroes have clay feet.  After all, they’re only human.  Now, what about that OTHER Bill?

Don’t worry.  Be happy!

So it goes…
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