May 19, 2016 – The Evil of Compromise is the Victory of Evil…

There is an old saying that says “For Evil to grow it only needs for good men to do nothing.” And this saying is mostly noted for its originator’s condemnation of all those who stood by and watched as the Nazis rose to power in Germany.

But I would put it another way.  “For Evil to grow it only needs for good men to COMPROMISE.”  Compromise is KEY!  Negotiate with Evil.  Give a little to get a little.  But what is the net result of compromising with Evil?  Just a little more Evil.  And with each passing compromise whether by law or regulation or social more Evil grows and the influence of “good” men shrink.  Ultimately, Evil triumphs in a majorly disastrous way which leads to its own destruction.  Then the cycle starts over again.

The party that does the compromising becomes hounded for even more by the party that wants to win.  Winning, pushing the compromiser around, becomes the goal.  And once goals are achieved new goals are set.  It must clearly be obvious to all of us now in the arena of the “civil” rights movement.  And this is how Evil grows.  It’s not that good men do nothing.  It’s that they try to compromise, they try to be reasonable with Evil.

It seems that the history of mankind is a history of repeated histories.  Mankind always claims an attempt to learn from mistakes.  But mankind rarely succeeds only because the same mistakes are always repeated.  At some point one has to wonder if they are really “mistakes” at all.  I suspect they are probably not.  

Can you imagine an environment in which the living will actually envy the dead?  Think about it.  Because it is coming.  It cannot be stopped.  Correction.  It could be stopped but the world will not accept what is needed to stop it.  So it will happen.  

Each and every day, compromises are made with Evil for the sake of trying to get along with Evil.  But that only leads to more Evil.  And that is the Future of the World.
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