May 15, 2016 – Two Minutes of Valuable Air Time…

Does it annoy you as it does me?  I’m writing about the valuable air time that conservative talk show hosts use to hawk products.  It’s not enough that listeners have to struggle with the normal deluge of brain draining adverts during the commercial breaks.  Now, and for some time now, show hosts take at least two to two and a half minutes to hawk a product.

Here you are listening diligently to the words of wisdom of the conservative talker after waiting through three, four, even five minutes of brain banging commercials.  Then your favorite talker returns to the air and gives you a two minute lecture on PC security or home security or the latest need for gold in your portfolio if you even know what a portfolio is!!!  And the worst part of it is that ad becomes part of the show.  If you listen to the show podcast you will be subjected to the same brain banging pitch from the talker while he wastes your valuable listening time hawking something else you really don’t need or want or can’t afford.

Just wondering if it annoys you as much as it annoys me.  I already turn down the volume when ads start.  Unfortunately, this also causes me to miss much air valuable air time too.  But I still consider it a better investment if I avoid the commercials which keep the talker on the air in the first place.  LOL!!!  Somewhat of a paradox.  No?

One day the FCC will regulate that it be mandatory that everyone listen to all of the commercials on radio and TV.  They will enforce this with mandatory tests as part of the IRS tax reporting system.  If you don’t pass the tests you will be taxed a penalty per the graces and approvals of the United States Supreme Court.

Just wondering.  So it goes…
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