May 14, 2016 – Hindus of India Pray for Trump’s Election…

The link to the article below takes you to an interesting story about Hindus in the nation of India who are praying for the election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States.  The article characterizes these Hindus as “conservative” and it is not clear as to whether that is supposed to be a slur or not.  The story certainly does not clearly define what it means by “conservative” Hindus.

But the author of the story found these people who are clearly concerned about the massive expansion of Islam across the world.  Trump’s initial suggestion to terminate Muslim immigrations and refugees rang a very strong chord with these people in India which has its own problems with Muslims.

It’s always interesting to second guess the author of any article particularly from a scholarly point of view regarding journalistic expression.  What was the author’s point of this story do you think?  Was the author trying to boost Trump or put him down with this article?  Was the author simply trying to make a minor point that groups of people who support Trump’s election can be found in other nations as well?  Why would that be of any particular interest unless it was to point out how important American elections can be for the world at large?  I wonder if the author could find Hindus of the left leaning type who are “praying” for Hillary Clinton to win the election?  Probably not because the left doesn’t pray or the left doesn’t pray to any god but Marx.  

Anyway, it’s just a strange story.  I wonder if the author will go looking for Germans who are praying for Trump’s election to the White House?  I wonder if there are any Chinese praying for Trump’s election?  Russians?

So it goes…
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