May 12, 2016 – The Desperate Search for Other Life…

Why the seemingly DESPERATE search for other life in the universe?  It seems that science and scientists are desperate to prove that some kind of life actually exists outside of this planet Earth.  A report linked below suggests that NASA has “discovered” at least 1200 planets orbiting stars outside of our own solar system which “might” support life.  Hmmmmm.

I would have thought by now that the “great” scientists at NASA would have solidly announced the discovery of SOME kind of life on Mars, that angry red planet which the world governments pretend to want to colonize some time decades away from now.  For more than ten years, NASA rovers have been roving the surface of Mars.  They have been allegedly taking “samples” and “analyzing” them.  The rovers have been taking pictures all over the place.  Up hills, down hills they go.  Into craters, out of craters and back again they go.  And after more than ten years of exploration not one virus has been found.  After more than ten years of up hill and down hill, the rovers have not found one bacteria.  After more than ten years of exploration, the rovers have not found evidence of living life on Mars.  At least NASA has not announced it.  And so it goes.

According to the theory of life, one would think that life could and would be found on all of the other planets in our very own solar system.  Look at the “diversity” of life on this planet Earth.  Look at the range and depths at which life exists on this Earth alone.  Life exists at the lowest depths of the oceans where it is absolutely dark and cold and the pressures are immense.  Life exists in the stratosphere where bacteria has been recorded as propagating and spreading over the surface of the Earth.  Life exists in some extraordinary places on Earth.  So why not on the other planets of our solar system?  Why doesn’t life exist on the moons of the other planets in our solar system?  You would think that we could find one bacteria or virus somewhere and declare life has been found.  Wouldn’t you?  Shouldn’t you?

So, the search for life in any form somewhere in the universe goes on.  Most of the “extraterrestrial” life exists in the minds of cult like believers who have literally nothing to go on, no hard evidence at all.  They have about as much evidence as those who demand evidence of people who believe in God and Jesus Christ.  Hmmmm.  Maybe that’s why they are desperate to find life of any kind anywhere but here.  Maybe?  Desperately?

After the United States actually set foot on the moon of Earth, I thought that we would actually establish colonies there.  If not colonies I at least thought the United States would have established research centers on the moon.  But it never happened.  I wonder why?  What happened?  Something must have happened to shut down the whole thing.  I wonder what it was.  So it goes.

Do you think it is possible that the technology of the military and science will soon reach a point where they will be able to “fake” life from elsewhere in the universe?  I do.  Do you think they will actually try to hoax the human race into believing that contact has been made with intelligent alien life which they will create and produce as proof? I do.  And we will never know that it is the ultimate hoax against the human race when it happens.  That will be the biggest laugh in the universe, ever!!!

Remember the Fermi Paradox.  Enrico Fermi was an atomic scientist who worked in the secret Franklin D. Roosevelt Manhattan Project to create the first atomic bombs.  When asked about the possibility of other intelligent life in the universe he wondered aloud “Where are they?”  If there are other intelligent life forms out there anywhere there should be millions of civilizations and we should be aware some of them.  Be we see nothing.  Where are they?  Our own solar system and the universe in general is devoid of any intelligent activities.
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