April 27, 2016 – Trump Challenges the New World Order…

They ain’t gonna like this at ALL!  Nope!  Not Henry Kissinger.  Not the Bush Klan.  Not the Clinton Criminal Conspiracy.  Not George Soros or all of his tens of thousands of non-governmental organizations around the world.  Not any of the European Fabian Socialists.  Not any of the professors in the Ivy League schools around the nation.  Not anyone at the State Department.  Especially not the American Communist party.  Not the Chamber of Commerce.   Nope!  No one is going to like it at all!!!

Donald Trump gave a speech today.  It was an amazing speech.  It was “America First”.  This is a most dangerous speech.  It challenges the entire effort to unite the world in a single global government with a single monetary system and even a single organized, accepted religion.  Trump has just told a lot of powerful and very dangerous people that he is not going to go along with them.  This is not going to be accepted and they will do everything to make sure that it does not happen.

Don’t take my word for it.  Go to Youtube and search on the words “New World Order”.  Watch the videos which appear in your search results.  Most particularly, watch the videos of all the politicians around the world over the last century who used the words “New World Order”.  They know what it means.  You don’t.  I don’t.  And that is the secret.  

The “managed decline of America” as George Soros has called it is a requirement of the establishment of this New World Order.  America as it was originally constituted represents a HUGE thorn in the side of the globalists, communists, socialists, fascists, Marxists, progressives, liberals, Stalinists, Maoists, Trotsky-ites and others who are driving the world to its new order.  You can also include all of Islam in this maelstrom of horror as they are a fundamental and useful tool for the destruction of the old order and the establishment of the new order.  Trump has voiced opposition to the “New World Order”.  He will have to retract it and go along or face massive opposition from here on out.

It has been “rumored” that every new president gets an initial “visit” from Henry Kissinger.  Actually, Kissinger is sitting in the president’s chair in the Oval Office when the new president is ushered in for the first time, allegedly.   It is at this time that Dr. Kissinger lays down the plans of the New World Order from the Council on Foreign Relations.  The new president is told what would be expected of him and his term as president.  I wonder if Dr. Kissinger will talk to Donald J. Trump also.

Donald Trump cannot be too careful now.  They will do whatever they have to do to stop him from delaying their plans.
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