April 26, 2016 – TRUMPENSTEIN, The Monster Created by RINOs…

They really are having a hard time dealing with Donald J. Trump, billionaire real estate developer and entertainment mogul.  Trump isn’t a part of the bad old boy network of sleazy deal making politicians who claw their way to power through bribes and intimidation.  Trump doesn’t own anyone for any of the positions he has held anywhere because he hasn’t held any other political positions anywhere.  Trump is truly his own man in his own race.

Donald J. Trump hit just the right chord at just the right time to harmonize the electorate.  It’s not really a mystery and it is not a hard thing to do.  Any candidate COULD have done it.  But nobody else did or could.  You see, all the other candidates are tied down to promises to ideological minority groups, whether that be racial or ethnic or even by wealth and business.  All the other candidates have a lifetime of promising lobby groups for their money and support.  So they COULD NOT do what Donald J. Trump did.  They could not say what Donald J. Trump said to get him to the point he is at today.  And this frames the entire problem with the political process in America today.

The entire political process has been successfully fractured.  The entire political process has been coopted by the successful application of the divide and conquer strategy of war.  And that is how politicians have been successfully ensuring their continued residency in office.  E pluribus unum is a phrase found on American cash.  It is Latin for “Out of many one.”  It means that many different states, people, beliefs come together to form one nation with one set of understandings.  The current political process enhances the exact opposite of E pluribus unum.  The current political process makes many out of one.  And this house so badly divided cannot stand.  This is what they are working towards.  Al Gore said it best in a speech when he quoted E pluribus unum and then claimed it meant out of one comes many.  One might think that is was just an ignorant mistake.  But I suspect it was probably not.

Trump represents to his followers the complete rejection of all the other politicians and their subservient slavery to lobbyists over the will of the people and the demands of the people who elected them.  It is now beyond obvious to all but the stupid and those who are in on it that they are working like mad to destroy America against the will of the people.  This includes Cruz and Kasich and naturally the Democrats who all want to destroy capitalism and the strength of America, still the nation with the most freedom in the entire world.

In the end, I don’t think Trump will have a chance to do anything positive about the current condition of the United States or the world for that matter.  There are too many very powerful, very rich people behind the scenes with tens of thousands of well-funded Non-Governmental Organizations ready, willing, trained and prepared to resist any changes to the current course of the nation and the world.  Each individual citizen sees it now.  We can’t help but see it now because of the immediacy of communications these days.  In decades past it was easy to fool the people because of slow and controlled communications.  But not anymore.  

The entire world is on a bad, bad course.  Perhaps that is the nature of the beast.  Perhaps the remarkable success of the human race up until now is actually the outlier, the abnormal condition of the human race.  Perhaps it is the destiny of the world to be lead into slavery and there is nothing anyone can do about it, including Donald J. Trump.

Care must be taken at every step, every day.  Trump’s opposition will do whatever they have to do to win no matter what it takes.  After all, their favorite philosophy is that the end justifies the means.
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