September 01, 2016 – Less Than 60 Days Left to Decide…

Well done, Mr. Trump!  The diplomatic trip to Mexico was a media coup for you and the young, relatively unknown Mexican president, what’s-his-name.  I thought Vicente Fox was still president as he seems to get all the media hype when he pisses in the Mexican wind about the evils of Donald Trump.  Imagine my surprise when the Mexicans wheeled out this young whipper-snapper to shake Trump’s hand.

The #NeverTrumpers are actually impressed with you, Mr. Trump.  Neo-con Ben Shapiro actually accused you yesterday of “acting” like a “real” politician.  That’s quite an improvement in criticism from the #NeverTrumpers.  And that’s really what bothers me.  I understand the REAL POLITIK of the situation.  But I didn’t really like what I heard in your public pronouncements of that meeting.  Everything you said clearly and lucidly said during the primaries became illusory and diminished.  Your comments about manufacturing almost but not quite out rightly supported American manufacturing moves to Mexico.  If I am correct, you said that a strong Mexico was in the best interests of the United States.  How so, Mr. Trump?  That puts Mexico’s interests ahead of the United States just as it has been since the passage of NAFTA.  And that’s how the neo-cons read between your lines, Mr. Trump.  That’s why all of the globalist Republican RINOs were thrilled with the images out of Mexico.

The words you used in Mexico were brilliantly vague.  They could have come from the mouth of Jeb Bush or his brother or father for that matter.  Those vagaries had North American Union written all over them.  Yes, I am talking about the Bush dream of uniting Mexico and Canada with the United States.  It’s not surprising now because of the number of Bush people running your campaign.  

This is the same path we have been down so many times before that it is becoming predictably boring.  A Republican presidential candidate pretends to be very “conservative” to capture the majority vote in the primaries.  Then that very same candidate slides to the left in the general election in an attempt to curry the favor of all the crazy minorities.  McCain and Romney did the same things.  So it goes.

The only thing you have going for you is that Hillary Clinton is so massively corrupt that it would take a really stupid nation to put her into the most powerful office on the planet.  Yet it seems poised to do so.  The race should not even be close but it is.  And that’s the scariest thought of all with less than 60 days left.

The real battle is way above and beyond the two parties in the United States.  There is a global force comprised of a small group of very powerful people who are determining the direction of the world.  And it is NOT for the betterment of mankind but more likely its destruction.  Many, many people can see it now.  But they occupy almost all of the positions of power and therefore they control the world.  This is truly at stake in less than 60 days.  I hope you see it, Mr. Trump.  I hope you understand the times we are truly living in now.
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August 10, 2016 – The BRILLIANCE of the Banks’ Destruction…

I am putting a link to an article below.  It describes the “precarious” position Germany’s Deutsche Bank is in right now according to a recent “stress” test.  Read it for yourself and consider it in the light of what I am about to write.

If the governments of the world wanted to seize all of the world’s private banks they could not legally do it.  For a variety of reasons from legal issues to shareholder revolts it would leave a very bad mark in history to say the least.  So, what if the world’s elites, oligarchs and politicos got together and slowly “managed” the legal decline of all the world’s banks as we are actually seeing right now.  The world’s politicians could create laws that would slowly over time force the banks into ever precarious positions.  They could also pass laws that would encourage banks to do the same thing with government financed incentive plans or “rewards”.  They could FORCE the banks into ever greater debt with no way of making up the deficits.  As we see in the article below, the German government is licking its chops to take over Deutsche Bank’s stocks and thereby become the bank itself.  And just like Marxist magic the bank belongs to the government, lock, stock and barrel as they used to say.

Why would they do this?  It is the prime objective of Marxism to seize the means of capital and production.  But they can’t simply seize it.  They need legally created reasons to do it so that the public would not resist.  Or at least the public would not be ABLE to resist because they too would be held at legal consequences for any resistance at all.

And the prime goal?  Global Marxism administrated by a single global government entity.  What will the world look like under a global Marxist government?  Look at Venezuela now or Brazil for that matter or North Korea in the worst case scenario.  But imagine it on a global scale.  That’s the Future of the World my friends, permanent slavery to the state for those who are allowed to survive.  At this point I don’t believe it can be stopped.

There is only one way out.  But the world refuses to acknowledge it.  And there are powerful people in powerful positions to suppress the only answer that is available to the world.   And so the world will suffer the consequences of their follies.  So it is written.  So it shall be.
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August 06, 2016 – Why the Olympics???

In this world of ever increasing “globalism” why do we even have the Olympics anymore?  In this ever increasingly Communist world of borderless, one world community what purpose does the Olympics serve these days?  Why the Olympics???

I suspect the ONLY reason the Olympics were resurrected from the days of ancient Greece was to measure the success of One Worldism or Globalism.  Why?  As Globalism succeeds Nationalism will fade, at least according to the Communist-Socialists of the world.  If this is true then we should see less and less interest in the Nationalistic support for the Olympics until finally the desire and support for the Olympics fades away into the sameness of the new, Communist borderless world.  

Don’t you think it’s strange that a world which is being driven to globalism and open borders by the elites of the world should support a sports contest based upon Nationalism?  I do.  And I have to wonder why?  Why do they support the continuance of the Olympics?  
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July 30, 2016 – Silently Watching, Hoping and Praying…

For the last month I decided to lay off from any commentary.  I decided that there was not much more I could say.  I thought there was not much more to be said.  I felt that the course of events were going to occur with or without my commentary.  So, I decided to see which way things would go by silently watching, hoping and praying.  I’ve done more praying in the last 3 years than I have in my entire life!

So far it seems as though things are turning out well.  The Cruz-ites lost as did the last of the hangers-on as they defied ridiculous odds to steal the Republican presidential nomination from the one whom We, the People, voted for in the defined primary ballot system.  Trump won hands down and we can all see why, I hope.  Trump is a frank talker.  Trump is such a talker.  Trump is a salesman’s salesman.  Words tumble from his lips in an unbroken stream of consciousness.  Trump leaps from subject to subject yet keeps his listeners enthralled with whatever comes to his mind.  Trump can speak off the cuff for an hour and not lose his listeners.  That is a salesman!  That is a salesman’s salesman.  It is a talent which can be imitated but never learned.  Bill Clinton is another one such salesman but I don’t think even he is as good as Trump. That’s what it takes to be good at sales or politics.

Trump’s light simply out shown the rest of the political field.  And Trump spoke directly to the people without the political doubletalk that all politicians learn to spew to confuse, mislead and trick.

The opposition turned out exactly as I expected.  Hillary Clinton stole the show from Bernie Sanders.  Literally!  But I have no love lost for any of these people or their kind so that’s about all I have to say about them.

The only fly in the Republican stew is Trump’s VP pick, as far as I am concerned.  I feel Mike Pence is a wholly-owned Establishment RINO.  If Trump had picked someone like himself or someone much more conservative then I would not have the concern for Trump that I do right now.  But with Pence being a potential Bushie waiting at Trump’s right elbow for a heartbeat to stop things could get very bad very fast.  I flash back to Ronald Reagan after his win over the entire field in a major landslide which is still cherished by many even today.  Two months after his inauguration, Reagan was gunned down by John Hinckley Jr.  And who was waiting at Reagan’s right hand to take over?  George H.W. Bush, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency!  Coincidence?  You will never convince me that it was.  But Reagan survived the attempt and Bushie had to wait eight years to ascend to his presidency from which he fell in major disgrace!

And now I see the same history repeating itself again.  That’s why I pray.

Do you think it was any coincidence that a federal judge released John Hinckley Jr. just this week?  I don’t.  Maybe the judge and others are hoping that Hinckley repeats himself again?  Maybe the judge will even buy Hinckley a new gun to celebrate his release from the mental ward prison he was in all these years?  Or maybe the Bush family will buy him a brand new Glock and ammo?

Why is it at all important?  Many surveys have indicated that a majority of people think the U.S. is on the “wrong track”.  Yet all of our elected officials keep us there on the wrong track.  And our elected officials go against our will to accelerate the travel down that wrong track.  Can YOU see what’s down there at the end of the line?  Can YOU see the destination they want to take us and the world towards?  Cuba has been there for fifty years.  Venezuela just arrived at the station.  Brazil is following Venezuela into that town called Hell on Earth.  It’s not a coincidence.  This is a long thought out, planned advance down this track by the very elites of power in business, banking and international politics along with the United Nations.  If you don’t go along then you find yourself out like Mohmar Khadafy and Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and the soon to be evicted Assad of Syria.

Donald Trump is apparently an outsider to all of this.  He’s managed to survive and grow his businesses while being an outsider to the global political elites and their secret societies as Newt Gingrich so famously put it.  Trump represents a last, final chance to take the reins from the monsters who are hurtling us down the tracks to global enslavement.  Trump represents our last, best chance to reverse course.  And that is why the globalists must stop Trump at ANY price.  They don’t want any interference with TPP.  They don’t want any interference with NATO.  They don’t want any questions from the outsider.

That’s why I pray every day now.  I know that in the past I have been delinquent on these accounts.  And I know it seems that I am only praying because of the times we are in now.  Maybe so.  But it is times like these when only faith can hold people or a nation together.  That’s why the globalists hate faith SO much!

Know that in the end the globalists will lose.  But between now and then many major conflicts will occur with much loss of life.  Venezuela and Brazil are starting points.  The mooooooslim invasion of Europe is another and the supplanting of the U.S. population with millions of outliers is yet another.  The globalists mean to cause global chaos of the worst kind so they can bring about their New World Order that H.W. Bush, Henry Kissinger and a whole host of others spoke so longingly about.

The world is about to go through many horrific trials.  You and I can do little to affect the outcome by ourselves.  But I advise you to do one thing most seriously.  Save your soul while you still have time to do it.


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June 26, 2016 – Buh Bye, Sir George Will…

Did you read all about it?  Such exciting, Earth rocking new it is!!!  George Will quit the Republican party!  Wow!  How are they EVER going to get along without George Will?  I just don’t know.

One thing I think you have to come to understand, in my humble opinion, is that George Will holds himself to be American Aristocrat.  He most certainly has all of the bonifides to make such a claim.  He is Ivy League educated.   You can hear it in his voice as he speaks. It’s a wonder he hasn’t knighted himself as Sir George Will in his own columns.   He has had contact with political power elites his entire life.  He has always been in demand for his monstrously well educated opinions.  

Of course, for me, George Will’s departure is NOT a shock.  It’s been apparent for quite some time now that this was brewing within George the Great.  It actually goes all the way back to the awful 2008 presidential election.  Back then, the Senator from the used to be great state of Arizona Juan McCain announced that his presidential running-mate would be the wooly former governor from Alaska named Sarah Palin.  Remember that?  I specifically remember that George Will took GREAT offense at this.  He openly declared in print and on TV that Palin was completely unqualified for any great office of the land.  The implication was that she was not educated the right way (Ivy League), she was not poised well (too boorish) and she simply wasn’t smart enough for the job of president should it fall to her.  If I remember correctly, and I think I do, George Will actually threw his support to the Democrat side of the aisle during that election simply because of Sarah Palin’s presence on the Republican ticket.  I was shocked and angered at that and I decided not to read George Will’s columns nor books ever again after that.  Will was not the only “conservative” to feel the same way but this is about Will and not the others.

Now George Will is fit to be tied that We, the People, haven’t been tricked, goaded, bribed or beguiled into voting for George Will’s preferred nominee for the Republican party in the 2016 presidential election.  Aristocrat George Will is repulsed by the nomination of a man who has no track record in politics.  Sir George Will is outraged in his subdued Ivy League, aristocratic manner that We, the People, would choose someone of such a low statue as a business man with no political education and background to lead the greatest nation on Earth.   Sir George Will sees Donald Trump in the same aristocratic light that he viewed Sarah Palin those many years ago.  It angers Will that We, the people, are entrusted with the right to vote for whomever We choose.  And We chose Trump.

And there is probably so much more to this than meets the public eye that we may never truly know about.  After all, I have been told that it really is all about secret societies, who is in and who is not, who are the true elites and who are just pretend elites.  And that I suspect is the part of the iceberg we will never see.  But they obviously can’t keep all of it hidden.  Can they?

But most of all, I suspect that Sir George is just upset that the voters of the Republican party are beginning to think for themselves.  They see how the last 60 years have gone and it has gone for the worse no matter which party is in power.  Both parties and their candidates have taken the nation in only one direction and that is cultural destruction engineered and eagerly supported by both parties.  So the voters are no longer buying the lies and half truths that Sir George and the elites are selling anymore.   The voters wanted someone from outside the crew of professional liars and deceivers to break their monopoly on power.  And this is Sir George’s real frustration.  If only they could take away people’s right to vote.  Who knows?  That may very well be next after they take away our guns!!!

But for now it’s buh bye to Sir George Will.   Take the rest of your aristocrats with you when you go.  Please!!!  And keep meeting in secret with the Democrats.  It only builds our confidence in you and people like you.
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June 24, 2016 – When Will BREXIT Not Be BREXIT…

It’s phrased in the form of a riddle.  When will BREXIT not be BREXIT???  The answer is right now.

You can already see the sway and dodging of the politicians and world leaders.  They are calling this vote an “advisory” vote.  It has no binding power of law over the politicians at all.  They simply wanted to know how the people felt about staying or leaving the EU.   And now they know.  But they are going to be within their priorities to completely ignore the vote.  And that is what I predict they will do.  They will ignore the vote.

Oh, it will look like they are negotiating the departure.  But have you heard that the “negotiations” could take at least 2 years!!!  Hmmmm…  Why not 5 years then????    Or why not 10 years then or maybe 100 years????  No.  The membership of Great Britain in the European Union Soviet States is SO important to the EU, the globalists and the elites of the world that they cannot let Britain go.  And they won’t.   ALL of the world’s elites have already dictated so.  They demanded that the people vote to remain!  But the people, by a small majority, said NO!  So, politicians will do what they do best today.  They will ignore the will of the people.

Meanwhile, the politicians will begin ramping up legal bonds between Britain and the EU which will over the next 2 years make it virtually IMPOSSIBLE to leave.  When they get this done they will simply shrug and say they can’t leave.  LOL!

You can bet the finest, smartest minds are right now this very minute meeting in secret meetings to brainstorm what will be needed to ensure that Great Britain never leaves the EU even though the people have already spoken.  And they will find a way to subvert the will of the people.  Because it is so crucially important to those One Tenth of One Percenters at the very top of the world pyramid.  They are well into their creation of a single world government and they are NOT about to let any nations go their own way at this point.  Even if that takes the start of World War III.  But if that happens millions if not billions of people will die in almost an instant.  And that’s OK with them.

Just watch.  Years will begin to pass yet Great Britain will still be a member of the European Union.  And so it goes…

The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!  If you survive!!!  The living will envy the dead!!!
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June 19, 2016 – Crisis in Venezuela Grows, World Ignores…

Has anyone else noticed that the starvation crisis exploding in Venezuela is being met with complete silence by the entire world?  Why is that?  Have you noticed that there are ABSOLUTELY NO news reports about the crisis in Venezuela on TV, Cable or Radio?  It’s as though Venezuela does not exist anymore.   Have you noticed that not one nation is rushing to supply Venezuela with emergency rations and food supplies?  Not one.  Not even the United Nations.  I wonder why?

None of the world’s communists or socialists are rushing to help Maduro and his failed state of socialism.  None of the communists or socialists are moving to prop up yet another social and economic failure.  Where is Castro?  Where is Putin?  Where are the Chinese?  Where is Obama?  Where is the United Nations?  What’s going on here?

It’s the New World Order.  And it’s coming to your door step very, very soon.  Venezuela will be going global.  And the world is not preparing for it.  Or are they?


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June 18, 2016 – A Truly Diabolical Pope…

He’s at it yet again.  According to the Washington Post, Jorge Bergoglio, also known as Pope Francis, commented that most marriages are invalid or may be invalid because most couples don’t have a full understanding of lifetime commitment.   He has to be a truly brilliant and deviously clever man to come up with just such an idea embedded inside such a tiny remark as to cause his Church to rock on its heels.  And leave it to the leftist Washington Post to frame it as the evil conservatives who are outraged by Bergoglio’s innocent statement.  And I suspect that if conservative Catholics did not react to Bergoglio’s diabolical idea then the Washington Post would not have reported it at all.  It’s all truly brilliant stagecraft if you think about it.  And that’s the real problem.  You really have to sit down and think about it all.  Most people won’t or don’t or can’t.

With so few cleverly chosen words, Bergoglio inflicts dissent, doubt, disagreement and turmoil across the spectrum of the Catholic Church.   One really has to admire his ability to do this.  One might even think that it was supernaturally inspired it is so diabolically clever.  With so few cleverly chosen words, Bergoglio opens up chasms of doubt among his own followers.  With so few brilliantly selected words, he spreads confusion among the sheep of the Church.   With so few diabolically chosen words, Bergoglio implants doubt into the minds of all married Catholics.  It’s TRULY brilliant, devious and diabolical.  There are truly very few people on Earth who could possibly effect so many people in such a catastrophically diabolical manner.  But Jorge Bergoglio is certainly one of them.  

No doubt the Vatican communications people will once again step into the breach and say that Bergoglio was misinterpreted or misunderstood or misquoted or mistakenly understood or some other such communications failure as they have in the past many times before.  The Vatican communications people will no doubt attempt to re-correct the misunderstood or misinterpreted comments of the diabolical leader of the Catholic Church.  But this seems to be how Bergoglio works.  He says one thing that contradicts 20 centuries of Catholic teaching, dogma and belief.  The Vatican communications people contradict him.  Bergoglio says another such thing and the Vatican communications office corrects.  It’s BRILLIANT if you want to sow the seeds of discord, hate, disagreement and doubt.  It certainly does nothing to bolster the Faith!  Does it????!!!   And that may be Bergoglio’s purpose.

Of one thing there can be no doubt.  Bergoglio is a deviously diabolical man.
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June 17, 2016 – The Irrational Stupidity of Our Government is Staggering…

The headlines of the L.A. Times screams that the government plans even tighter security following the murderous attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.  Huh?  Yes, that’s right!

The genius leaders in our government seem to think that increasing security at airports, sporting events and concerts will keep monstrous Muslim men from attacking gay nightclubs again.  Very strange thinking indeed.  This must also mean by inference that security at airports were not tight enough since a gay nightclub was attacked by a Muslim terrorist.  Get it yet?  Neither do I.  Yet that is what the LA Times is telling us.  Read it at the link below.

The article wanders through a meandering journey of different security sites and concerns.  None of them are related to the Orlando shooting yet it tries very earnestly to link them all to the Orlando shooting.  The article tries to link other Muslim shootings in the United States to the Muslim shootings in France and Belgium and then implies that tighter airport security will fix the problems.

The article also states that Homeland Security is “worried” about home grown extremists.  But they didn’t seem to be too worried about the Muslim guy who shot up all those gays in Orlando.  They didn’t seem to be too worried about the Muslim guy who shot up his company in San Bernardino.  And they didn’t seem to be worried about the Muslim brothers who blew people up at the Boston Marathon, just to mention a few of Homeland Security’s most spectacular FAILURES to date!!!

It’s almost inconceivable that security could get tighter at any airport unless they actually reduce it to strip searching and anal cavity searching for each and every passenger.  Still that doesn’t tell us how it will stop the next attack on a gay nightclub by a Muslim terrorist or how it will stop an attack on an American mall by many Muslim terrorists.  Does it?

Homeland Security continues to fail on almost every effort!  Well done!!!

Stupid people doing stupid things or as Forrest Gump said in the movie of the same name, “Stupid is as stupid does.”   Unless it’s really all part of a hidden plan.  Then maybe it’s not stupidity after all.
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June 16, 2016 – The Inexplicable Death of Jo Cox at an Explicably Convenient Time…

Seems like guns are in the news now on daily occurrence.  Have you noticed it?

They say that timing is everything.  This time the bad news is that a British Member of Parliament (MP) by the name of Jo Cox was shot by a man in a land where guns are absolutely banned!  How did THIS happen?  Very strange indeed to say the least!  Just like the mooooslims who had guns in France!

Jo Cox was apparently a strident opponent of Great Britain unburdening itself of its slavery to the European Union.  And according to the meager reports online, the fellow who shot Jo Cox is alleged to have exclaimed, “Britain first!” as he shot her.  So the story is told.  What a strange coincidence that a Brexit supporter should take it upon himself to take such a violent act against an MP at this particular time when it most certainly looks like Brexit will win in the June 23 vote.  Very strange indeed!  Almost irrationally strange!!!

Clearly, this is going to have a deleterious effect on Brexit.  The first thing both the Brexit and Stay campaigns did on reporting of the MP’s shooting was to suspend their campaigns.  So the assassination had an immediate effect on the crucial Brexit vote.  Was it simply coincidence?  Remarkable if it was.  Now we can expect that the Stay campaigners will absolutely trash the Brexiters in the last eight days before the crucial vote.  Monsters they will be called.  They will be shamed by the death of the MP into staying in the EU.  Coincidence?  Probably not.

Brexit should be reinforced and bolstered at this time.  Brexit must stay the course and win on June 23 regardless of what happens between now and then.  But watch carefully as the death of Jo Cox sways the vote in the Stay direction.  It will be a double tragedy for Great Britain.  Most importantly, Great Britain will lose its only opportunity for freedom from slavery.  What’s the death of one MP if it keeps Great Britain in the European Union?  Sounds like something Joseph Stalin might say.

Don’t forget that The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!  Bill Gates is all in for it!!!  He said so himself!!!  And if he is all in for it then the other One Percenters must also be all in for it!  But they will be sitting at the top of the pyramid and the rest of the pyramid will be sitting on the rest of US!
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